Discover what your voice can do!

I’m Kerrie Obert. In more than 25 years of teaching, clinical, and research experience, I’ve found that many people underestimate what their voices can do.

Whether you’re a singer, a voice teacher, or a patient struggling with a voice disorder, I'm here to help you realize the potential of your vocal instrument.

Kerrie Obert, Founder of Obert Voice Studios

Obert Voice Studios offers a variety of services for singers, teachers, and patients.

Decent singers discover they can have world-class voices. Voice teachers learn they can get dramatic and rapid results with their students, and patients with pathological conditions find they can speak and sing with an ease and comfort they never thought possible.

Kerrie Obert, founder of Obert Voice Studios (OVS), is an experienced singing teacher who has worked with Grammy-winning vocalists and Broadway performers. Additionally, she is a certified speech language pathologist who's performed over 20,000 endoscopies and conducted ground-breaking MRI research, leading to the development of practice and training tools OVS clients use to help them reach their goals.

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Uncover the extraordinary potential of your instrument

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Get new skills to make rapid and lasting change in your students’ voices

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Get treatment for a voice or swallowing disorder

As an OVS client, you may participate in a variety of learning opportunities, including private lessons, group sessions, short courses, and workshops. Or you can subscribe to the OVS learning and practice portal at

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“It’s a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.”

- Alan Ball

Kerrie Obert

Meet Kerrie Obert, M.A., CCC-SLP

Kerrie Obert is one of the world’s leading experts in voice training and pedagogical practice. An internationally acclaimed speech language pathologist and singing voice specialist with over 25 years in clinical and private practice, her love of teaching voice and witnessing the remarkable responses from her clients/students/patients has been the driving force to her success.

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