Take An Immersive Pedagogical Journey

In this five-day workshop, Obert leads you on an immersive journey that blends information from a variety of fields including speech science, medicine, music, acting, linguistics, neuroscience, and holistic health. The courses are comprehensive, “on your feet” experiences that include a workbook, lectures, small-group practice sessions, and master classes—all with practical strategies that you can seamlessly integrate into your practice when you return home. This course will dramatically enhance your teaching and performance. 



The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, offering direct and indirect teaching and learning strategies for real-world applications, making complex science accessible, and encouraging the integration of body, mind, and spirit to consider the whole artist, not just the singing head. Here are some of the topics you will explore:  

  • Properties of Sound and Interpretation of a Spectrogram
  • Vocal Fold Onset/Offset with Style Considerations 
  • Pronunciation: From Fluency Strategies to Linguistic Detail
  • Vocal Fold Mass and Use of Related Terminology and Classifications
  • Inferior to Superior Adjustments (ISA-Tube Length)
  • Lateral to Medial Adjustments (LMA-Twang)
  • Anterior to Posterior Adjustments (APA-Ring/Depth/Resonance/Singer’s Formant Cluster)
  • Low Pharyngeal Adjustments (LPA-Warmth/Deconstriction/Space)
  • Velum and Differentiation between Nasality and Twang
  • Tongue: The most underappreciated structure in the vocal tract and possibly the most important 
  • Use of Play to Achieve Your Studio Goals
  • The Basics of Motor Learning 
  • Emotional Regulation/Mindfulness: The body does “keep the score” and performers need to understand how to get in and out of character
  • Embodiment Techniques: There really is a body/mind connection, and it can support or undermine vocal learning 
  • Vocal Health Basics: Staying in the game for the long haul