What makes a great voice?

We all know a great voice when we hear one.

Many voice teachers still believe that while singing can be taught, a great voice is something you’re either born with or you’re not.

OVS' founder, Kerrie Obert, believes you can improve not only the range, power, and agility of your voice, but its richness, brilliance, texture, character or "soul" as well--no matter what genre of music you pursue. She spent decades conducting clinical research and training clients of all levels in their development, from novice to Broadway star, ultimately creating an approach that simplifies science-based concepts into effective teaching strategies. Obert has witnessed remarkable transformations in her clients, confirming one undeniable truth--a "great voice" is a learnable and teachable skill.

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Private Lessons

Private, online lessons are available in 25-minute or 55-minute sessions. You will build technical skills and apply these to your music. Students who take at least one private lesson per month are eligible for group lessons.

Read about the OVS Guiding Principles and Teaching Elements.

Group Sessions

Twice per month, studio members, who attend at least one private session per month, are invited to participate in 60-minute group sessions. In addition to skill-building lectures, one or two studio members will perform at each session, giving the other attendees a chance to provide peer-based feedback. Students are encouraged to sign up for group sessions at least one week in advance.

Learn more about how OVS supports the singer in group settings.

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Learning and Practice Portal

GetVocal-Now.com is an on-demand learning and practice portal for singers who desire to work through a curriculum of integrated lessons and practice modules at a self-determined pace. Courses are available for six months following purchase.